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Presentations on and in China


Simpson, James R. “Great Growth in Soybean & Corn Exports to China: Hype and Hope, or Realistic Reality?” Invited Keynote Presentation, AGP Annual Meeting, Omaha, Nebraska, USA, January 21, 2011.

Simpson, James R. “China’s Food Security to 2030.” Working Meeting on Food and Water Security, Center for Water Resources Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, September 10, 2011.


Simpson, James R. “Long-term Projections of China’s Ability to Feed Itself: focus on Protein.” Invited Presentation, Global Soybean & Grain Transport/Soya & Oilseed Summit, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, October 5, 2010.

Simpson, James R. “Internal Migration: China’s Achilles Heel?” Invited Presentation, Shoreline Community College, Seattle, Washington, November 9, 2010.


Simpson, James R. “Long-term Projections of China’s Ability to Feed Itself: Implications for Japan.” Invited Presentation, International Conference on Science and Technology for Sustainability: Global Food Security and Sustainability. Science Council of Japan, September 17-18, 2009, Tokyo, Japan.


Simpson, James R. "Livestock in China: Projections of Demand, Supply and Resources." EAGLES Food Workshop, Co-hosted by European Action on Global Life Sciences (EAGLES), European Federation of Biotechnology, and Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hangzhou, China, December 4-5, 2006.

Simpson, James R. “Factores Detrás del Crecimiento en la Oferta y la Demanda del Sector Lacteo en China y Perspectivas de los Mercados Asiáticos Lácteos.” Invited keynote speech (in Spanish) ENGALEC 2006 annual conference and international trade show of the Mexican Dairy Producers Association, Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico, March 9-11, 2006

Simpson, James R. “China’s Dairy Industry: Current Situation and Long-term Projections.” WERA-101 Annual International Conference, Washington D.C., April 24-25, 2006. Available on line at the WERA website http://www.china.wsu.edu/pubs/pub2003.htm


Simpson, James R. “China’s Pork and Poultry Production: Long-term Potential and Prospects.” WERA Annual International Meeting, University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada, April 25, 2005.

Simpson, James R. Invited Speech. “Market Potential for Imported Corn in China.” Illinois Corn Growers Marketing Board, China Symposium, Bloomington, Illinois, June 9, 2005.


Simpson, James R. “Long-term Projections of Cattle and Beef in China: focus on Production Potential.” China as a Market and Competitor. WCC-101 Annual Meeting, Portland, Oregon, April 17-18, 2003.


Simpson, James R. “China’s Agricultural Sector State Owned Enterprises and Entry Into The WTO: Impact and Strategies for Coping and Development.” Invited Lecture, Academic Conference for the Reform and Development of State-owned Enterprises After Entering the WTO. Center for China Public Sector Economy Research of Jilin University, Changchun, Jilin Province, China, Aug 9-10, 2002.


Simpson, James R. and Masaru Yamada. “The Impact on Japan and Japanese Agriculture from China’s Entry into The WTO.” Agricultural Trade with China in the new Economic and Policy Environment. WCC-101 Annual Meeting, Sonoma, California, April 8-10, 2001.

Simpson, James R. and Ou Li. “Long-term Projections of China’s Supply and Demand of Animal Feedstuffs.” International Trade in Livestock Products. International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium Symposium, Aukland, New Zealand, January, 18-19, 2001.

Simpson, James R. “Your College Career.” Welcome Speech to Incoming Class, College of Rural Development, China Agriculture University, Beijing China, September 8, 2001.


Kiminami, Lily and James R. Simpson. “Strategies for Regional Development in China: Large Scale Development of China’s Western Region.” The 37th Annual meeting of the Japan Society of the Regional Science Association International (JSRSAI), Sendai, Japan, November 3, 2000.

Ou Li and James R. Simpson. “Grassland Animal System Development in China: An Interregional Approach.” The 37th Annual meeting of the Japan Society of the Regional Science Association International (JSRSAI), Sendai, Japan, November 3, 2000.


Simpson, James R., Youlong Shi, Ou Li, Weisheng Chen and Shuxia Liu. “Commercial Pig, Broiler and Laying Hen Farm Structure in China, 1996.” China’s Agricultural Trade and Policy: Issues, Analysis, and Global Consequences. Symposium sponsored by the International Agricultural Trade Research Consortium, San Francisco, California, June 25-26, 1999.

Ou, Li and James R. Simpson. “Constraints of Farmers in Less Developed Areas to Entering Production and Marketing of High Value Agricultural Products: Cases in the Mountainous Areas of Southern China.” Chinese Agriculture and the WTO. WCC-101AnnualMeeting, Seattle Washington, December 2-3, 1999.


Simpson, James R. “Key Issue: Livestock Animal Protein.” Millennium Institute workshop, Strategy and Action Project for Chinese and Global food Security, Washington, D.C., February 18-19, 1998.

Simpson, James R. “Chinese Agriculture and Food.” Kinki University, Nara, Japan, June 11, 1998.

Simpson, James R. Keynote speech “China and Food Security: Considerations for Japanese.” Annual Meeting, Japan Agricultural Newspaper, Tokyo, Japan, July 23, 1998.


Simpson, James R. “Animal Feed Requirements and Availabilities in China: Projections and Policies.” Ishikawa Agricultural College Seminar in honor of Dr. Donald Farris, Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan, March 7, 1997.


Simpson, James R. “Projections of Animal Feed Requirements and Availabilities in China: Methods and Results.” 8th AAAP animal Science Congress, Chiba Japan, October 13-18, 1996.

Simpson, James R. “Animal Feed Requirements and Availabilities in China: Projections and Policies.” OECD Workshop on Agricultural Policies in China, Paris, France, 12-13 December, 1996.

Simpson, James R. “China Can Feed Itself.” Leading Edge Seminar sponsored by the University of Florida, the Raddison Hotel, Gainesville, Florida, January 6, 1996.


Simpson, James R. “Can China Feed Itself?” Panel, Canada’s Trading Partner: United States and/or Southeast Asia, Symposium, Prairie Agriculture in the 21st Century: Changes and Challenges. Moosejaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, June 15, 1995

Simpson, James R. “Lester Brown’s China: Fact or Fiction.” Briefing for the Japan Agricultural Journalists Association, Tokyo, September 5, 1995.


Simpson, James R. "Can China Feed Itself: A Peek into the 21st Century." Provost's Seminar Series, University of Florida, October 19, 1994.

Simpson, James R. "China's Livestock Feed and Supply, 1990-2025." Symposium, China as a Market and Competitor, Reno, Nevada, November 21, 1994.


Simpson, James R. "Livestock Inventory and Feedstuffs Projections for Southeast Asia and China in 2025." Research Seminar, Food and Resource Economics Department, University of Florida, January 14, 1993.

Simpson, James R. "Agriculture in China." Seminar, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany, June 9, 1993.


Simpson, James R. "Can China Meet It's Feedstuffs Requirements: Projections to 2025." Seminar, Department of Agricultural Economics, Kyoto University, Kyoto Japan, May 8, 1992.

Simpson, James R. "Livestock Inventory and Feedstuffs Requirements in Southeast Asia and China: Projections to 2025", Sixth AAAP Animal Science Congress, Bangkok, November 23-28, 1992.


Simpson, James R. "Animal Feed Requirements and Availabilities in China to 2025," Seminar, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D.C., December 10, 1991.


Simpson, James R. “Analysis of Technological Change in China’s Livestock Industry” Institute of Agricultural Economics, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Beijing, China , April 23, 1986.


Simpson, James R. “What’s Ahead in Animal Agriculture,” Invited Speech, 1985 World Food Production Conference, Beijing, China, September 1-7, 1985.

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